About Confirmation Class

Our Confirmation Class is open to any Bellefield student rising 8th grade/13+ years old.

The class is offered every other year, on even numbered years.

The next class will be offered in 2022.

Class Overview

Our Confirmation Class at Bellefield Church is designed to be a “short course” in Christianity, looking at the essentials of our faith, such as how we understand the Scriptures, who God is, what Sin is and how it affects us, the Law of God, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the sacraments, and what it means to experience a life-changing and ever- growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The class also covers a little bit of information about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. This material is fundamental to our faith and is important for everyone to understand.

If you have children who are questioning and wrestling with doubt, this class is an excellent place to ask questions, hear some answers, and engage with the topic.  Remind them that doubt is an important step on the path to figuring out what you believe for yourself, and is a normal part of growing up. 

The decision to join the church upon completion of this course is an individual matter between the student and the Session of Bellefield Presbyterian Church. Students may elect to join the church any time following this class; not everyone is ready to make that commitment at the same time.

Nuts and Bolts:

Confirmation involves a significant commitment from youth and their families in terms of time and attention.  While the schedule changes year-to-year, please see our 2020 list (below) of the topics which we cover. Students need to be present for all of the topics.  Makeup dates are limited and we do not have the capacity to schedule individual classes for students. 

  1. Meaning of Church Membership
  2. The Scriptures
  3. God, part 1: God’s character and the Trinity
  4. God, part 2: God’s Degrees and their Execution
  5. Sin and the Law of God
  6. The Scriptures
  7. Jesus Christ, part 1: the Covenant of Grace
  8. Jesus Christ, part 2: His Person and Work
  9. Jesus Christ, part 3: Justification and Adoption
  10. Holy Spirit, part 1: Effectual Calling, Regeneration, Conversion
  11. Holy Spirit, part 2: Sanctification, Assurance, Glorification
  12. The Church: Joining the Church, the Sacraments, and the Christian Life