BYG during COVID-19

The world has certainly shifted. Back in March 2020, when everything and everyone went into quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BYG did as well. All our activities went online, primarily over Zoom and other technologies.

As the pandemic has drawn on, BYG has remained online. While we desperately miss being together in person, it has made more sense for everyone’s health and safety to be cautious. We do hope to regularly be together, in-person, soon.

New Opportunities during Quarantine

While the shift from in-person activities has been challenging, it has come with some rewarding opportunities!

Both our BYG Friday HangOuts and our BYG Book Club (and through the Book Club, the rest of our Pop Culture Clubs) were created in order to meet the needs of our students during the quarantine! Without being able to meet weekly in-person at church and Sunday school, we wanted to provide spaces for our Youth to be together online, growing together in faith and community even while we were physically distant from one another.

BYG in the 2020-21 Academic Year

The Plan

  • BYG Pop Culture Clubs and Sunday School will remain primarily online until BYG feels that we can safely host regular meetings in-person.
  • In-person Sunday School and High School Hang Outs will remain postponed until BYG feels that we can safely host regular physical meetings in our building.
  • Any special in-person BYG Events, such as our BYG Saturdays Together, will adhere to Bellefield Presbyterian Church’s Health and Safety Protocols, adapted from CDC Guidelines.
  • When we are able to start hosting regular in-person meetings again, we will strive to provide a hybrid model to allow families still uncomfortable with meeting in-person to participate.

Planning for the 2020-21 school year has been challenging. We want to plan activities that would be great for when we can meet in-person, but flexible enough that they can remain online for as long or for as often as we need them. We don’t want to lose momentum if we started meeting in person, and then were forced back online!

We also want our families to know that, whatever their decisions regarding the health and safety of their family, it is the right decision for them and we support it. If we are able to start holding in-person meetings again, but some of our families feel uncomfortable with this, that is okay! We are hopeful that most of our in-person meetings can operate in a hybrid model, to allow our brothers and sisters in Christ to still meet with us over screens.